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With three digital cameras in our household, the hard disk on our home computer is rapidly running out of space.

I was looking online for a new drive yesterday and discovered that 1 and even 2 TB (that’s TB for terabyte or 1000 GB or 1,000,000 MB) drives  are now becoming the standard. I can get myself 1 TB of storage for under NIS 500.

Now I remember the days when I worked at Versaware R.I.P. and we had such large amounts of data that they bought a “teraserver” which was a complete rack containing arrays of disks of 1 TB of storage. It was so big that the server got named T-Rex. Now I can hold two of those in size of a standard hard disk in my PC.

BTW, I have decided to by a smaller disk (500 GB Western Digital Caviar Black) because I reckon that by the time the warantee runs out, I’ll have just about filled it up and upgrading to 1TB will be so cheap that it would be a shame to spend money on it today.

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This is something that completely blew me away.

For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, Google Street View is an extra layer in Google Earth that shows you eye-level panoramic photographs by a click from the regular Google Earth aerial picture. Click on a camera icon in that are lined up along the roads and you zoom in to a 360° panorama photographed at street level. You can also get there by looking for an address in Google Maps and then clicking on the “Street View” link.

76 Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey

I went on a nostalgic trip to visit various places I have lived in (like the above, which is the house I grew up in for the first 18 years of my life) and walked routes along streets just like I did 20 or 30 years ago. Just totally amazing.

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“The wetter, the better”

Ben Dorfman c.1975

Ben Dorfman was the perpetual gabbai or “warden” as we called them then, in the Sutton and District Synagogue. That was back in the 1970s. Ben was refering to the saying of Ben Heh-Heh in the Mishna (Avot 5:26) – le-fum tza’ara agra (according to the effort comes the reward), specifically on the subject of walking to shul in bad weather.

Back there  in  a wet English winter, he wasn’t talking about the way I felt today as the rain pelted down. We had a total of 21mm of rain today and it is supposed to carry on into the night.

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A picture from the past

0002-300I recently bought myself a slide copier and I have started going through a couple of thousand photos I have on slide and am digitizing them. This will probably take a long time but it is a start.

On the right is one of the first photos I have done. It was taken in 1978, probably on my last day in primary school (the Avenue Primary in Belmont, Surrey, UK) and shows a group of my friends.

The people in the shot are as follows:

Top row: Stephen Dabbs, David Willis, Angus Jenner, Jonathan Glendinning, Nicholas Bulley.

Bottom row: Stephen Bailey, Stephen Skelton, Martin Something (sorry can’t remember his surname)

Top of head at bottom: Bradley Balmer.

In background: Nigel Hoare and Stephen Baldrey.

Amazing how we remember faces and places 30 years on.

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Mary Mungo & Midge

Who remembers Mary Mungo & Midge? I certainly didn’t remember them until I came across this video on YouTube. The amazing thing is that as soon as I started watching it was like I had only seen it yesterday.

Mary Mungo & Midge was one of my favorites. I just looked at a whole lot of old British children’s TV and I think that what makes it so special is the room for imagination and fantasy that these programs created. What could be more excitinmg in the early 70s than riding the lift to get to your top-floor flat, riding on the Trumpton fire engine, lifting things by crane onto the Chigley train. All such harmless fun.

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