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50km From Gaza

In case anybody is interested, Beit Shemesh is 50km from Beit Lahiya, which puts it out of range from Hamas missiles. Beer Sheva which was hit yesterday is 40km from Gaza City. 40km in our direction is about Amazia, Shekef and Lachish just before Beit Guvrin.

That said, we have close family in Beer Sheva and family, friends and colleagues in and around Ashkelon and Ashdod.

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Click on the image to read (assuming you can read Hebrew).

This is from “Hed Beit Shemesh” this weekend. “Hed Beit Shemesh” is one of the local newspapers. I sent it to the other local papers as well, but looks like they didn’t want to give me free publicity.

Shabbat Shalom.

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In case you’re wondering, the title is a pun. The picture (now finished) was painted of a view view from the end of the last street in the Nofei Aviv neighbourhood of Beit Shemesh. Hmmm. Well, I thought it was funny.

Anyway, as I said another picture finished. The image above is a bit less than optimal but it get it more or less.

The sky was done with a broad (1″) soft brush and I like the effect. It is ultramarine and phthalo blues and titanium white. Moving down, pallete contains sap green, ochre and azo lemon yellows and burnt sienna and I have used ultramarine and titanium white for getting the distance.

All in all I like it a lot. Now I just need to take a good photo of it and upload it to my website.

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The weather has taken a distinct turn towards summer. The last few days and the weekend have been really hot. It’s not often we have a hot Purim with no rain but I suppose that’s because of the leap-year (the Jewish one, that is).

Yesterday was way into the 30’s Celcius, even hotter than the day before and today is going to follow suit.

I started a new Springpainting on Saturday night. the view is from Nofei Aviv in Beit Shemesh looking north west towards Yishi and Tzora. You can see the ridge of hills behind Tzora. The houses on the right are the edge of Beit Shemesh.

I still need to work a bit on the colors but it is almost there. Good going.

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I went to my dentist on Friday. Not a big deal. I have a pain that I thought was a new cavity. One X-ray some poking around later, it turns out that the more liable explanation is gum inflamation. Thew – I got off lightly.

Anyway, when I got there I lay down in the chair and what do I see? I see the picture I have shown here on the right. My dentist is a patron of the arts and a good customer of mine and he has hung this painting in the surgery right opposite the dentist’s chair. I suppose the peaceful Jerusalem atmosphere of the picture will calm even the most agitated patient.

Apparently they get a lot of people asking about the picture and complimenting it, so I left a stack of business cards with the receptionist.

He also has other original work on display at the surgery including a great mosaic covered aardvark that looked like sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle at the Jerusalem zoo, only smaller. I forgot to ask him who did it.

So here’s a free advertisement for him in return. Dr Howard Metz, dentist in Beit Shemesh. Highly recommended – and also good for a discussion about art movements, exhibitions and some beautiful original art on show.

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Finally some pictures of snow!

This is taken from my mirpeset (balcony) looking east from Beit Shemesh in the direction of Jerusalem. What you can see here are the hills around Beit Meir.

We are still snowbound today. As you can see there is no snow in Beit Shemesh, but it snowed again all night in Jerusalem and now there is ice covered in new snow. I am going to make use of the day to update my website and hopefully finish the painting I started yesterday. I hope to also go up into the hills in the afternoon and see some snow from close up. From the look of this picture, it should be more successful than yesterday.

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Snow day

As I posted earlier, today Jerusalem was covered in snow. Sorry to all the people who came to my site to see the Jerusalem snow. I hope you enjoyed you stay all the same and weren’t too disapointed that I had no snow pictures… Remarkably, Google indexed me within an hour of my post and I came out on the first page of the results.

Anyway, the snow meant that I didn’t go into work today. So I worked a bit, painted a bit, went looking for snow with the kids (we got as far as Nes Harim and didn’t find it, just pouring rain and heavy fog). You can see in the image below taken from the Tzora weather station site, what the weather was like in Beit Shemesh – cold and wet.


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