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Friday is Yom Yerushalayim – the day (by the Jewish lunar calendar) that Jerusalem was re-taken / conquered / liberated / occupied in the 1967 “Six Day War“. In Jerusalem they are having all the celebrations tomorrow because Friday is a short day. However the real day is Friday.

In the circles I mix in it is considered a (rather) minor religious festival although in Israeli society at large it generally unnoticed outside of Jerusalem and the religious zionist community.

In honor of this (and for want of better inspiration), my next picture will be a Jerusalem one. Yesterday I bought the canvas (100×40 cm)  and this evening I hop to make a start, even if only to gesso the canvas ready for work.

The picture is a view of the Old City of Jerusalem taken from the lookout in the Citadel also known as Migdal David (The Tower of David). BTW the tower was most definitely not built by anyone called David. This is just a misnomer that has stuck and it has become a Jewish religious symbol of Jerusalem despite it being a mainly muslim and the tower itself is the minaret of a mosque.


This is the picture. I know it look kind of weird and what are all those “Demo” notices on it? The picture is a mosaic of pictures from my phone – I took a whole 360° panorama there. I then perspective-corrected it using some free demo-wear add in the Paint Shop Pro and this is the result.

I still have to think about exactly how I’m going to do this painting as there is a lot of detail and I am not feeling so photo-realistic right now. It will get some kind of impressionistic treatment. Keep tuned.

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recycleI just came back from the new Jerusalem recycling center . Not many people there, just the guy who looks after it and he looked kind of bored. He was very helpful. Looks like he has loads of time on his hands.

The center is opposite the Herzog Hospital in Givat Shaul on the road that goes down to the cemetery. It is all nicely laid out with bins for paper, card, plastics, glass and a hut where you can leave electronics, books and clothes.

Just not many users.

I think this may be one of those things that if we don’t use it we’ll lose it, so get down there now with you recyclable garbage.

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I saw this video today (sorry but most of it is in Hebrew) about Stephen Wiltshire who draws amazing panoramic drawings of cities around the world from memory. The image below shows the finished work and if you click on it you can go to his site to see his gallery.

Go to Stephen Wiltshire’s gallery

Stephen apparently suffers from autism but has an amazing memory and a talent for art and he makes what looks like a good living from drawing. Good on him!

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The best falafel

Yesterday I had the best falafel I have had in many years. In fact it was so good, I just felt I needed to blog about it and let the world know.

Why was it so good. Well…

  1. The falafel balls were crispy and freshly fried
  2. There were loads of them
  3. I had mine in a pita. My son had a lafa and there were considerably more falafel in the lafa than in the pita (which is a rare thing – and the reason I normally go for the cheaper and theoretically smaller pita).
  4. While we were standing in line the guy serving behind the counter gave us each a falafel ball on the house to build up our anticipation.

So where is this great falafel stall? It is in Talpiot in Jerusalem and the map here shows where to find it.

Opposite Kanyon Hadar there is a long building set back from the street with parking in front. It is the one with a matress shop at the far left end, a craft supply store and a hardware store at the right end.

In front of the parking on the street there are two stalls – one Burgers Bar on the left and the other the best falafel in the Middle East (well maybe I’m getting a bit carried away there) on the right.

The red/yellow circle marks the spot.

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As you can see above, I’ve now got most of the Yemin Moshe picture done now. I added in all the foreground trees and the windmill which just leaves the houses.

I have added some detail to the houses, but they don’t look quite right. This is on two counts. Firstly their alignments and perspectives are not conssitent or correct, the shapes of the roofs are wrong and in general they look like some ramshackled village in central Europe and not the ordered rows of Yemin Moshe. Secondly, that could be forgiven if the tones of the roofs were right.

Anyway although it looks quite finished there is a lot of work still to go there. I should get the time tonight and tomorrow as I am off work tomorrow for Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) before Yom HaAtzmaut (Independance Day) on Thursday.

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