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Rafi G blogged today about an article on RabbiHorowitz.com – “Charedi Classic“.

Rabbi Horowitz seems to be a school principle and educational advisor and writer. The article in question describes how the education and values passed to him by the previous Haredi generation seem to him to be much more balanced and successful than those that he as part of the current Haredi generation are passing on to their children.

The Haredi Classic set of values were simple. “…be a mentch [an upstanding and honest person]. Learn and master our Torah. Farbreng nisht der tzeit [sic] — make the best use of every minute of every day. Make a kiddush Hashem [sanctification of God’s name by your good behavior] wherever you go – don’t ever forget that you are wearing a yarmulke. Get an education, be self-sufficient, and give something back to the community”.

The new Haredism is bogged down in stringencies, mixing custom with law and in superstition. It is frightened of the world around it and fraught with facades within.

I don’t want to gloat, but I think his Haredi Classic is called Modern Orthodox today. Unfortunately we don’t always know what we have going good and there are strong forces trying to send us in the Haredi direction. Let’s stick with Judaism Classic.

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A neighbor and scholar, Chuck Davidson has just started a new blog called “What Your Rabbi Didn’t Tell You“. A refreshing, scholarly yet down to earth blog on contemporary Halacha. So far he has posted on kashrut of raisins (“I reviewed Sefer VaYikra and could not for the life of me find raisins mentioned among the prohibited foods”) and “Mehadrin” buses (“fortunately for us, R. Moshe Feinstein, who was a frum Jew and knew a bit of Torah, wrote on a subject similar to ours”).

Worth a read. Worth subscribing. Keep it up Chuck.

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