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The Telharmonium

The interesting and rather amusing story of the Thaddeus Cahill and the Telharmonium – an electrical musical device created around the turn of the 20th century to provide piped music to a cable network of subscribers. After his death his patents were copied to create the Hammond organ.

There are three parts to the documentary here (1), here (2) and here (3).

The story reminded me of a lot of start ups at the turn of the 21st century. An ingenious, expensive and/or silly idea that prompts loads of venture capitalists foreseeing enormous global profits to throw their money down the drain until eventual bankruptcy of the company.

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Hadron collider rap

I read about this on CNet news. Cool in a geeky kind of way. Thought I’d share.

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CCTV art

Picked this one up on Guy Kawasaki’s blog this morning. He quotes an article in the UK Daily Telegraph about a Manchester band called “Get Out Clause” who played their music in the street in front of the around eighty CCTV surveillance cameras around their city and then edited up a video of the result. They needed to request the footage from the businesses who owned the cameras but about a quarter responded and that was enough to make the video.

What I wonder is what passers by thought of this and especially when you see them playing in the middle of a zebra crossing (crosswalk for the Americans)…..

Another cool art opportunity afforded by the 21st century.

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