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Saw this on Shaul B’s blog “free thought”.

[Click here to watch, if the video doesn’t show]

Made me think of the old paradoxes connected with free-will, pre-destination, time travel and the like. How far do the consequences go? What would happen if you were to fiddle with natural cause and effect?

More down to earth; how far does your responsibility go to mend the wrongs in the world? Can you at some point just pack your bags and run away? 

In the movie, I see the DJ as scared, even fearing for his sanity if he remains. Others may see him as a coward.

I believe he had two legitimate choices; either to fix everything or to dispair, return reality to its course and walk away. He could not leave the scene half fixed because then others would have suffered from his meddling. Once done he could leave because there is a limit to human capabilities.

A hasid (as a opposed to a zadik) would have stayed and cared for his street corner for the rest of his life.

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I’m trying to decide whether this is funny or not. I certainly chuckled, but I’m not sure it’s funny… if you know what I mean.

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Sheep art

Amazing! I’m speechless… or maybe sheepless.

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BBB TV (video)

I had to share this with you.

This will surely convince you to vote for Bibi :-).

Hat-tip to Rafi G

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Hadron collider rap

I read about this on CNet news. Cool in a geeky kind of way. Thought I’d share.

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To see a higher definition version of the video, go here.

I saw this in the unlikely place “Astronomy picture of the day” labeled “Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth”. The story is this guy Matt Harding, going round the world recording himself dancing in 39 different countries with local people. A lot of fun. As they said in the blurb on Astropix: “Happiness is frequently contagious — few people are able to watch the above video without smiling” (their hyperlinks).

It reminded me of another blog I am currently following “The art of non-conformity” by a guy called Chris Guillebeau who is amongst other things, trying to visit every country in the world.

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CCTV art

Picked this one up on Guy Kawasaki’s blog this morning. He quotes an article in the UK Daily Telegraph about a Manchester band called “Get Out Clause” who played their music in the street in front of the around eighty CCTV surveillance cameras around their city and then edited up a video of the result. They needed to request the footage from the businesses who owned the cameras but about a quarter responded and that was enough to make the video.

What I wonder is what passers by thought of this and especially when you see them playing in the middle of a zebra crossing (crosswalk for the Americans)…..

Another cool art opportunity afforded by the 21st century.

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