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This weekend was Rosh HaShanah – the Jewish new year. The new year lasts two days and is a time of reflection on how to make the next year a better one and has long prayers. In fact already the week beforehand has Slihot prayers that we say before the regular morning prayers. Now that Rosh HaShanah is over we carry on with the Slihot till Yom Kippur.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? In order to explain why I’m not getting any painting done. It’s kind of hard getting up at 5:00 in the morning foir prayers, working a full day, getting ready for the holidays and painting. Excuses, excuses….

So in the evening after Shabbat (Saturday sabbath) that immediately followed Rosh HaShanah I got out my canvas that I primed with gesso last week and sketched in the start of the new painting in charcoal. Not much progress, but as much as I managed to get done. Next move is to sketch over that in paint. Hopefully on Tuesday I’m going to get some time to make some more progress (today I was at a kindergarten beginning-of-year meeting, tomorrow is supermarket night.

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I signed the Mount Zion Hotel piece and declare it officially completed. I will shortly be uploading the finished image (see above) to my website.

So now it’s time to start on my next piece.

I was approached a short time back by someone here in Beit Shemesh who saw my Nahlaot Backstreet piece at the exhibition last Sukkot and really loved it. Unfortunately for them, they were not the only person who saw it and loved it. That would be fine, only that other person bought it on the spot and took it home.

Anyway, they have a spot that they really want to fill on their wall and they want me to paint them a picture to go there. The idea is that it will be similar to that other one they missed, but in a horizontal format.

This is a horizontal section taken from the reference photo I used then (2004):

and here is a photo I took at the same place last week:

The bushes have grown a bit in the last three years but you can see it’s the same location. In the next day or two I’ll show you how the composition comes out on the canvas.

Stay tuned.

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