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Here is the completed pool picture as I promised. The official title is “Reflections in a Quiet Pool” or “השתקפויות במים שקטים” in Hebrew. On display as of next week in corridor next to the library in NDS Jerusalem.

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2009_05150003-250wLast week I took the new Meron Path picture for framing and I just got it back now from the framer. Looks really good. I have hung it in my living room so I can show it off.

As always I was a bit worried about how the painting would look framed. After the effort and attention to get the picture exactly right, I am always worried that the frame will spoil or change the balance of the picture and throw it off. This has happened to me before and I have seen other pictures as well where their frame destroys them.

Anyway, I got it right this time. To be more precise the owner of the framing store did. I went to a new framer this time – Artli in the Ezor Ta’asiah of Beit Shemesh. He is an art photographer and sells massive prints of his amazing pictures togther with religious kitsch (kind of Thomas Kinkade meets Lubavitch or the Baba Sali, which sells well in this part of the world). He also does framing.

He immediately picked this frame. I of course had to try every frame in the shop before deciding that his choice was correct. And here it is.

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Two updates on the painting front.

Firstly I have finished the pond with reflections of reeds picture. I need to give it a name. I’ll post a photo in the enxt couple of days.

Secondly, the company where I work has an exhibition area where employees can display art and I am putting on a mini-exhibition there starting next week. These exhibitions are open ended kind of affairs. There are not many takers, so the paintings can stay up for a couple of months even until someone will want to put up something new.

I am going to display a selection of my water paintings under the title of “מים חיים – Living Water”. I’ll post some photos of the display when it goes up as well.

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2009_050300031I’ve got to get a better name for this picture. I think it deserves it. Any ideas?

In any case, it’s finished. I finished it in fact a few days ago on Yom HaZikaron when I had a day off work. All in all about six hours work.

I’m pretty happy with it and the Mrs likes it too, so I am considering hanging it at home. we have a spot currently taken by an old print that would suit it well I think. Failing that I will hang it in my office at work. I moved into a new office a couple of weeks back (positive side – all on my own, negative – no windows) and I am now organizing and decorating.

What next? I’m not sure. It was fun painting but I need to go back to thinking about what to do with my paintings. There is no point in storing them out of sight and in any case the storage space is full. I want to get myself to do some drawing and I’d really like to have time to get down to some serious painting. I need to make a decision.

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Finished a picture

Impressive. I got this picture finished that I have been working on for quite a while. As I have said in previous posts I’m not getting a lot of painting done recently, both for objective reasons and a lowering of my motivation. In any case, I finally got this one finished and put it in my storage which is now completely full…

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