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As the title says I am back from vacation (that’s why I haven’t posted for a week). We were up north and stayed in Rosh Pina in a great zimmer (that’s a holiday apartment in English) called “Ruach Beharim” which I heartily recommend. If you look at the pictures you can kind of see what we saw and did while we were away.

I tried to make some more headway with the latest picture this evening but it doresn’t seem to be going anywhere. To recap, the picture is of a quiet pool with some reeds around and floating on it. I can’t seem to get the water to look watery. Maybe I’m trying too hard. Maybe I should give it a break and do something else. It’s very frustrating, all the more so because I have the feeling that it isn’t progressing because I’m out of practice and I just don’t have time to study, practise or experiment. Although some of my recent work would definitely say otherwise I get this feeling that I’m going downhill because I don’t have enough time to dedicate to painting. Very frustrating.

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I have started work on a new picture. The reference is what you see here on the right (cut slightly differently, but basically the same).

What I have done so far is to block in the water in glazes of phthalo blue, sap greep and burnt umber. The style and technique so far remind me of Tina Mammoser‘s work (BTW she also likes sap green which is one of my favorite colors) although what I am looking for in the finished work will be more in the direction of a Monet water-lilly piece.

Sorry no images yet. I tried photographing it this morning in a hurry and it was hard to do justice to the saturation of the colors with the little time I had. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get you something. You’ll have to take my word for it – the water looks deep and watery and the colors are looking beautiful.

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You may have been wondering what happened to my rainy night painting. Well here it is. Unfortunately I’ve been swamped in work over the last week or two, so I haven’t got much time to paint, so the fact that I wasn’t reporting of any progress was not because I was being too lazy to update you, but because apart from a black underpainted canvas there wasn’t much to tell.

Tonight I did do some painting and what you see above is the product of two hours’ work. Not bad, and I think it’s finished. That makes it my fastest painting. In any case, in my best tradition, I will lay it up over the weekend and decide next week if I haven’t changed my mind.

As I said the painting is done on a heavy underpaint of black to which I added some azo lemon yellow. The painting itself is done in black, white, ochre and a couple of tinges of vermillion.

I’m quite happy how it’s turned out. The reflections in the water on the road look real good. I suppose this combines my night scenes of the Jerusalem walls with my running water pictures. The only problem now is where to put it along with all my other pieces…

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This is my second work-in-progress movie in the series that I am calling “the making of a painting”. If you saw my last one, you will see that the quality has got a lot better as I have learnt a lot. I had a lot of fun making the movie. Enjoy watching it.

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Almost but not quite. In any case I am going to mull over it overnight (as I like to do anyway) and make a decision tomorrow.

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You may well ask because it’s quite a while since I last posted. In the meantime I’ve being painting away… or more precisely painting and repainting the picture as I have done a lot of getting the painting up to a certain point, messing it up, painting over a large portion and starting again. Now I think I’m on the winning stretch although there is still a way to go. I need to get used to the image that has emerged and contemplate it a bit.

When I paint I generally do a maximum of a couple of hours at a stretch. This is both because I generally don’t have more than that amount of time at a go and also because I find that I need time to sit back, get used to the picture and work out where to go next. Usually just keeping the painting up on the easel (in the corner of the living room) and seeing it as I go about other things is enough and I can see how to progress. However I do need that time. Sometimes I wonder how I would paint if I had all the time I need and not just an hour or two here and there. I suppose I would have to work on several pieces consecutively and work on another while I’m mulling the first.

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I made more headway with the picture of the stream last night. Above you can see the progress. I am really enjoying this painting. My feeling that I needed to do something more energetic was right. I am really getting into laying the paint down freely – no washes, no fine brushes – just daub it on… well almost.

The underpainting in this piece is in burnt umber. I then painted on the rocks using a lot of black and the hidden submerged stones in more burnt umber, ochre, phthalo blue and raw sienna. That was in the last session. Now I covered the stones in phthalo blue mixed with white and then washes of burnt umber and phthalo blue. I beefed up the rocks in black, white and hints of (you guessed) burnt umber and phthalo blue.

I then worked on the highlights in more titanium white, added the foliage (light green) and finally went back over the water with burnt umber to prepare for the next layer of white and give depth.

More in the next few days.

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