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I dropped in to Nofim gallery yesterday evening. He had a couple of new pictures there – one of which I really liked, a picture of the Kinneret shore and the Golan.

Haim is starting a new advertising campaign and he showed me his postcard flyers. There are three versions and as you can see in the one I have reproduced on the right, my Jerusalem Balcony painting features there in all its beauty.

I am now starting work on some more pieces for the exhibition. No date yet, but keep watching out for some time early summer.


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Last week was an amazing week for my painting with two pictures sold and an unprecedented output of three (almost four) pictures! This was a direct by-product of the weather that prevented me (or at least gave me a perfect justification) from going to work. This gave me loads of time for painting.

So what did we have? Last weekend I painted the clouds picture. Then on Monday Hayim sold two of my paintings. Tuesday night the snow started and so on Wednesday I started the painting of Migdal David under snow (see above) which I finished on Thursday. On Thursday I picked up an old canvas that I started almost exactly a year ago, but never finished and produced the picture you see here.

It is a small canvas (20×30 cm) but Hayim has a customer looking for that size. In all the picture came out rather well. It is a view looking from the old city towards Har HaZeitim (Mt of Olives). The tower on the top is the Augusta Victoria Hospital.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, I started on a new canvas. It is another 20×30 of a Jerusalem walls by night. I started it last night and I will finish it during the week. You can see below how it stands right now.

So how are we going by the goals I set a month back?

  1. Four pictures is a quarter of 16, so it looks well for meeting my production target.
  2. I have enjoyed all the paintings I have done so far despite the accelerated production rate, so I’m OK on that front as well.
  3. Selling two pictures is most of the way to selling three – so that makes us well on target. I might revise this target.
  4. I am also making progress on the exhibition front. I have an offer (more later) although we haven’t closed anything yet. Also if I can produce this rate of work, then that removes one of my worries of getting involved in doing an exhibition and gthen having to create a certain amount of work for it. I now just need to set a date and agree the terms.
  5. As I said in a previous post, the clouds were almost abstract and they give me a direction to pursue the abstraction idea.

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Sold two pictures!

Hayim from Nofim called me to tell me he has sold two of my pieces to “a wealthy gentleman” who looked at all the work in the gallery and took home two of mine!

The pieces he bought are the “Pasture near Beit Shemesh” and “Early morning in Nahlaot“. Hayim asked me to bring some more work with me when I come to pick up the cheque….

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Although I wouldn’t regularly give any mention to the civil new year, this does seem a good time to reflect on the passing of 2007 and my art achievements of the year.

So here goes:

  • I painted twice as many paintings as in 2006 (15 vs. 7)
  • I opened a tax file as a small business
  • I sold twice as many paintings as in 2006 (2 vs. 1)
  • I did my first commission
  • I got representation in a commercial art gallery
  • I made two short movies showing my painting process

Not bad. So what are my goals for 2008?

I was going to be a bit wishy-washy but then I read Maggie Stiefvater’s post on setting goals and I decided to go for some real ones:

  1. Paint at least as many paintings as last year
  2. Only paint pictures I think I will enjoy doing
  3. Do a solo show
  4. Sell three pictures
  5. Donate a painting for display in a public space
  6. Paint an abstract painting
  7. Paint or draw a portrait

Those are not walkovers. The number of paintings I do will depend on both time and inspiration as number 2 rules out knocking off paintings just to meet the goal. The solo show is something I can do (either to organize one at Nofim gallery or maybe something else). Selling three pictures doesn’t depend only on me and seeing as I mustn’t paint just to sell (goal 2) I need to go find my market (this is the implicit goal here). The donation bit is an idea I have to improve my visibility. The last two might contradict number 2 but they are investment in things I would like to be able to do.

OK, so let’s get going!

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Haim, who runs the Nofim Gallery, just emailed me to say that he has uploaded my stuff to his gallery website. You can see it here.

So if you’re in downtown Jerusalem do pop in and take a look round his gallery.

Here is the map to get there. He is open daily 10:00-15:00 and 16:00-18:00 except Fridays 10:00-13:00.

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As of yesterday, I am now represented at Nofim Gallery in Jerusalem! The five pictures you see above are all on sale there.

This is a personal milestone to be represented for the first time in a commercial gallery and hopefully the start of bigger things.

The Nofim Gallery is a relatively new gallery run by a fellow ex-Brit. It is located in the gallery (and trendy restaurant) area of downtown Jerusalem, literally a minute from the walls of the Old City in one direction and the bustling Jaffa Road in the other.

I now need to update my website and start up some publicity.

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Well the Beit Shemesh festival is now over. I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out around my paintings and discussing them with visitors.

The fair was a lot weaker than last year. Fewer artists and a lot less visitors. Most people came for the children’s activities going on in the lobby and then came through to view the art.

Lots of positive feedback, but no sales. I wasn’t over optimistic from the start although I did sell some work last year and I made contacts that turned into sales.

Anyway guys, if you want to buy something you know where to find me. I’m now going to get back to my current piece and I’ve got some ideas brewing for the coming year. I’ve also got to finally get some of my pictures up on my walls at home and work.

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